2,000 years ago, the first Jewish disciples that received the Holy  Spirit, knew the Torah, obeyed the holy commandments and kept the Holy Feasts of Yahveh. Shabath was the scriptural day of rest and worship!

The church divorced itself from the original Hebrew foundations with Israel. This happened in the 3rd century, 325 AD, through the Council of Nicea that established Replacement Theology as the doctrine of Christianity. The result of this was the persecution and murder of millions of jews in the name of Jesus Christ. Christianity today is a mixture of pagan and Babylonian traditions in the church brought forth by rendering  Yahveh's laws, commandments and the Torah as obsolete. The Torah was called the "Old Testament".

Constantine the roman emperor ordered the Council of nicea which changed the worship of the church from Hebrew Jewish to Roman pagan!! He introduced Sunday instead of the holy Shabbath because he was a sun worshirper.

Constantine also introduced Christmas during the winter solstice instead of the original Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles when Yahshua (Jesus) was born on September 29th.

He also introduced Easter from the goddess of fertility Ishtar, in order to celebrate the resurrection of Messiah instead of the Holy Passover and Feast of First Fruits. Easter eggs is a reminder of the sacrificed babies during Ishtar celebrations. They used to dip the eggs in the blood of the babies and then display the painted eggs and offered them to Ishtar.

The pagan tradition of putting Christmas trees is also an abomination, because the scriptures forbides us to do in Jeremiah 10:3-4.

This terrible separation has been affecting the church for 1,700 years and prior to Yahshua's return, the church must repent, renounce the Council of Nicea, Replacement Theology, Babylonian Christianity, pagan feasts and restore the same Hebrew Roots the original Jewish foundations of the faith that the original Jewish apostes had prior to the 3rd century divorce; the church must be grafted into the olive tree with Israel and return to the greatness and glory that the early Jewish Church had. This is the key for end time revival!

The fruit of this repentance or return would cleanse the Body of Yahshua from pagan traditions like Easter, Christmas, Sunday as day of worship, and replacing the holy shabbat as the day of worship. The church would be restored to holy worship and would fulfill the mandate to make the Jews jealous, thus preparing Israel for the return of the Messiah.The fruit of those who have returned to our Hebrew Roots is freedom, holiness, love, power and glory. In other words, the ancient glory of the Early Church restored in the 21st century! The first and second century disciples were followed with signs, wonders and miracles wherever they went. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and had a desire to obey Yahveh's commandments ad make disciples of men!

The apostles were Jewish and the foundation of the Early church was Jewish or hebrew, Torah oriented and the only book they preached and followed was the Torah or the Old Testament. The New
Testament was only included as part of the Bible 300 years later!

The Council of Nicea in 325AD called for a total divorce from the Hebrew foundation of the faith and from everything Jewish. Even the true Hebrew name of Yahshua was changed to Jesus to hide his identity and forbidden and became anathema. The holy name of Yahveh was changed to "Lord" and "Jehova". The church, the Bride of Yahshua must accept the Hebrew Foundations of the faith and needs this transformation with the restoration of all the Holy Feast of Yahveh and seasons and holiness and obedience in the ministers. Israel and the Jewish people will only recognize a Jewish Messiah, the Lion of Judah! not a Roman Christian Messiah!!