2000 years ago the first Jewish disciples that received the Holy Spirit knew the Torah, obeyed the holy commandments and kept the holy feasts of Yahveh. Shabbath was the scriptural day of rest and worship!

The church divorced itself from the original Hebrew foundations with Israel. This happened in the 3rd century 325AD, through the Council of Nicea that established Replacement Theology as the doctrine of Christianity. The result of this was antisemitism, the persecution and murder of millions of Jews in the name of Jesus Christ. It is also a mixture of pagan and Babylonian traditions in the church brought forth by rendering Yahveh's laws, commandmens and the Torah as obsolete. The Torah was called the Old Testament. Constantine the Roman emperor ordered the Council of Nicea which changed the worship of the church from Hebrew Jewish to Roman pagan!

He introduced Sunday instead of the holy Shabbath because he was a sun worshiper. He introduced Christmas during the winter solstice instead of the original Sukkot Feast of Tabernacles when Yahshua was born.

Constantine introduced Easter from the godess of fertility Ishtar to celebrate the resurrection of Messiah instead of the Holy Passover and Feast of First Fruits. Easter eggs is a reminder of the sacrificed babies during Ishtar celebrations. They used to dip the eggs in the blood of the babies and display the painted eggs! The pagan tradition of putting up Chritsmas trees the scriptures forbids us to do. Jeremiah 10:3-4

This terrible separation has been affecting the church for 1,700 years and prior to His return, the church must repent, renounce the Council of Nicea, Replacement Theology, Babylonian Christianity, pagan feasts and restore the same Hebrew Roots the original Jewish foundations of the faith that the original Jewish apostles had prior to the 3rd century divorce; to be grafted into the olive tree with Israel and return to the greatness and glory that the early Jewish Church had. This is the key for end time revival!

The fruit of this repentance or return would cleanse the Body of Yahshua from pagan traditions: Easter, Christmas, Good Friday and restoring the Holy Sh

abbath for Sunday. The church would be restored to holy worship and would fulfill the mandate to make the Jews jealous, thus preparing Israel for the return of the Messiah. The fruit of those who have returned to our Hebrew Roots is freedom, holiness, love, power and glory. In other words, the ancient glory of the early church restored in the 21st century! The first and second century disciples were followed with signs, wonders and miracles wherever they went. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and had a desire to obey Yahveh's commandments and make disciples of men!

The apostles were Jewish and the foundation of the early church was Jewish of Hebrew, Torah oriented and the only book they preached and followed was the Torah or the Old testament. The New Testament was only included as part of the Bible 400 yrs later, in 420AD when the first translation was completed from original Hebrew and Greek by Gerome.

The Council of Nicea in 325AD called for a total divorce from the Hebrew foundation of the faith and from everything Jewish. Even the true Hebrew name of Yahshua was changed to Jesus  and became anathema. The holy name of Yahveh was changed to Lord and Jehova. The church the Bride of Yahshua must accept the Hebrew foundations of the faith and needs this transformation with the restoration of all the holy Feasts of Yahveh and seasons and holiness and obedience in the ministers. Israel will only recognize a Jewish Messiah the Lion of Judah! not a Christian Roman Messiah!


Yahshua is the Living Torah, the physical manisfestation of Yahveh and the fulfillment of the law! John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Yahshua is the Living torah because he is the "Word of God".

Yahshua is the physical manifestation of Yahveh because "the Word was God". Yahshua also said; "I and my Father are one, if you have seen me you have seen the Father". John 10:30, 14:7-9. Yahveh revealed Himself to us only through Yahshua. Colossians 1:15-18 "Who is the image of the invisible God" The first born of every creature" I Timothy 3:16 "God was manifest in the flesh" Isaiah 9:6: "For unto us a child is born, a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulder, His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace" The scriptures identified Yahshua as the Almighty God/Yahveh making Him divine!

Yahshua is the fulfillment of the law because Yahshua fulfilled all the prophesies written about Him in the Old Testament the Torah. Yahshua the new covenant is the fulfillment of the Old Covenant or law of Moses!

Yahshua is the tabernacle or dwelling place of Yahveh. "For in Him dwelled all the fullness of the Godhead bodily" Col.2:9 "And the Word was made flesh and dewell among us and we beheld his glory" John 1:14.

John 6:51 "Yahshua is the Bread that came from heaven". Philipians 2:6-7 "Yahshua who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God, but made himself of no reputation and took upon Him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men" Yahshua the unleavened bread from heaven had no sin. I peter 2:22 "Who did no sin neither was guile found in his mouth"

Heb 7:26 "Yahshua is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners". Isaish 7:14 "The Lord himself shall give you a sign, a virgin shall conceive bear a son and call His name Emmanuel" which means God with us! Rev.21:5-7 Yahshua said:"I am the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end; I will be His God and he shall be my son". Titus 2:13 "looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God and Savior Jesus Christ".

John 14:9-11 "I am in the father and the Father in Me". John 17:21-22 "that they all may be one as you Father are in me and I in you". Rom 9:5 IJohn5:20 "Jesus Christ this is the true God".

                          REVELATION REVEALED

 3 EARTH AGES:  FIRST AGE. When all our spirits were created in spiritual bodies and when Satan and fallen angels were created. Jude 1:6, Gen.1:2, 1:46, Ger.4:23, Rev.12, Gen.1:46, Eze.28:12-14. Angels were created with free will, 4 beings created to guard the throne. Katabon a greek word that describes the battle in heaven where the archangel Lucifer became proud and rebelled against God and became the devil; he took one third of the angels with him, as a result the earth became void, came to nothing and in chaos;Tohu ve Bohu are Hebrew words that describe this event.Job 38:7. All souls were created in the first age before the foundation of the world, Eph.1:4-5. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth in the first age Gen.1. Isa.45:13. The  dinosaurus were also created in the first age Job 40:15.

SECOND AGE. When god created Adam & Eve with flesh bodies. We are living in the second age. Earth is 13,000 yrs. old counting since the first age.

THIRD AGE.  Will start on the first day of the Milennium which is the second coming of Christ to spend a 1000 yrs. with the believers. In the Third age everybody will change into spiritual body II Peter 3:10-13. Heaven and earth will burn after the Millennium Isa.34:4, Rev.6:13, Eze.45:18.

The angel of the Lord is God himself. Heaven is where God is. Ecles. 12:6-7 explains what happens to our flesh bodies.

Vials are the wrath of God. Seals are your beliefs or knowledge. Trumpets execute the vials. 7000 elect, Rom.11:4, Rev.11. The 2 witnesses that come before antichrist are Moses and Eliyah. Rev.11, Zac.4:14.

2 gulfs in paradise or heaven. Unbelievers go to the left side of paradise waiting for the Judgment Day. Luke 16:26, II Esdras 7:77. After Yahshua died He went to the left side of paradise to preach to all who died before the crucifixion so they can also receive salvation and eternal life. I Peter 3:19.

The "abomination of desolation" happens when the antichrist the devil  sits on the 3rd temple proclaiming to be God. Mark 13.

4 animal faces: Ephraim = Ox, Dan = Eagle, Judah = lion, Ruben = man.

The first beast is the  One World Order political system. 10 heads government have power for 1 hr. Rev.15. When the One World Order receives deadly wound the antichrist comes. The second beast is the religious antichrist, the devil comes peacefully and prosperous at 666 which means at the 6th seal, 6th trumpet and 6th vial. 5 days before Passover the antichrist comes, John 17:12.

Yahshua comes at the 7th trumpet, 7th seal to start the Millennium. There are no flesh bodies during the Millennium, but we will recognize family members. Rev.19, Eze.24:20-25, Eze.40-44. Babylon are those who are confused and followed the antichrist Zac.14. King of the North = Iran, Esau = Edon = Russia. The Arc of the Covenant is in heaven Rev.11:19.

PROOFS THERE IS NO RAPTURE: Eze. 13:20 fly away refers to the magic doctrine God is against. I Thes.4:13 dead that rise first  are believers that are already with the Lord. Mark 13:11, Luke 12:11-12, Rev.9:4 during the tribulation when we are delivered to testify our faith, the Holy spirit talks for us, if we don't let the Holy Spirit talk, we commit the unpardonable sin. Rev.13:7 Satan makes war with the saints during tribulation that last 5 months, because the Lord shortens the tribulation to 5 months for the sake of the believers. Half hr. silence is when satan is cast out to earth. Rev. 12, Mark 13:11, 20, Rev.9:4.

I Cor.15:23, Heb.12;1 Everybody will be changed at the 2nd coming of Yahshua, this is the cloud of witnesses, the cloud means a group of people. To meet the Lord in the air means with our glorified bodies. Margaret McDonald in 1830 invented the  false doctrine of the rapture in Ireland, she was mentally ill. The word rapture is not in the bible.

4 women prophetess: Deborah, Hulda, Myriam, Phillips's daughters I cor.7:38. John the Baptist born on 3/25. Yahshua conceived on 12/25 & born 9/29 during Feast of Trumpets.

The first taken in the field by the antichrist, Mat.24, Mark 13. Devil is thrown to the earth at 6th trumpet.

Cain is the son of the devil, I John 3:12, John 8:44, II Cor.11, Mat.15:35.

Ham the son of Noah impregnated his mother and Canan was born Gen.10:6. Uncover his father means have relations with his mother. Lev.20:11. Descendants of Cain after the flood are Cainates John 8:44. The flood lasted 5 months.

Gen.1 all races created on the 6th day creation. 4 horns or power: political, financial ,religion the devil uses to deceive. Dan. 10:20 angel fighting with satan. The first resurrection is for believers to glorified bodies for the Millennium at the 2nd coming of Yahshua. The second resurrection is at the end of the Millennium for unbeievers to the lake of fire for 2nd death on Judgment Day. Satan was not born of a woman. Eze.20:13 End of fig tree generation: 1948+120 = 2068 Mat.24:32-34. Queen of heaven is Ishtar Jer.44:17. Rev.8:22 is the end of tribulation

Battle of Armagedon is before the Millennium. Judgment Day first, then earth is burned. Zeph.1:8, Re.6:13, Isa.34:4.

6th trumpet: 1/3 men slained with fire, smoke & brimstone.

6th seal: stars fell on earth, heaven departed, men said to mountains fall on us.

6th vial: 3 unclean spirits out of mouth of beast & false prophet

7th trumpet Yahshua returns

7seal: incense 7 prayers ascended into heaven & cast to earth with voices, lightings & earthquake.